Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Windows

Can you remember the last time that you have replaced your windows?

If not, the chances are that they may be nearing the end of there lifetime, especially with the extreme weather that has been facing the DMV region. First, we had the sub-zero temperatures, and now we are preparing for the extreme heat and humidity to begin. After all, your windows are a prime defense mechanism if protecting your home, and loved one from the elements outside.

Not too mention, if your windows are not performing as they should, then chances are you are losing money, whether it is warm or cold outside. If it is cold outside and you have your heat on, your windows could either be letting cold air in or warm air out, which would effectively raise your electric or gas bill.  The same concept applies if it is warm outside and you have your AC unit on. Here are a few signs that will tell you if your windows may need to be replaced.

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Windows


  • Do you happen to be sitting by a window on a breezy day and feel a draft on your skin? If so, then your windows may have a crack, faulty seals, improper installation, or just have a window that has lived its full life. Whatever the reason may be, and there could be a lot of causes for feeling a draft through a window, you will most likely need to have your windows replaced.

Outside Noise

  • Do you hear just about every little noise that is going on outside through your windows? If so, you may have an outdated single pain window installed, or you may have a window that was not properly installed, to begin with. If you hear every little noise outside of your windows, you should give us a call.

Tough Time Opening & Closing Your Windows

  • If you have to use above-average force to open or close the windows in your home, the chances are that has become off balance due to improper installation. This can have a serious impact on the safety of your home, and its valuables, which include your family members.


  • If you notice foggy windows or condensation between the glass of your windows. This means that your window is failing and they need to be replaced. This can cause your windows to crack more easily, and if you exterior home window cracks, not only does it look bad, but it will become an emergency issue that will require your window to be replaced immediately.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are worried about your home windows and think that they may need to be replaced, contact our DMV Exterior professionals today. We offer free onsite evaluations, estimates, and can help ensure that your windows are working properly.