How To Increase Energy Efficiency With DMV Exteriors

Mother nature can be nasty sometimes especially in the DMV region. The winters are bitter cold with snow, hail, and high winds. Followed by extreme heat in the summer again with heavy thunderstorms. It is a blessing, to say the least when we have a day of 70-degree weather with no wind or rain. Over time, the exterior of your home will take a beating; siding will wear, chip, possible break, and more. There are many advantages to making your home energy efficient, such as saving money and increasing the value of your home in the meantime!

Increase Energy Efficiency

  • One of the first things to check is your exterior walls as it is imperative to have insulation on your exterior walls. You can even insulate behind the walls of your ceiling.  Most of the time, insulation is expensive to get put in by builders when they are building a house from the ground up. So, many houses today will lack siding if any at all.  You can never have too much insulation as it will simply make your house more energy efficient, and save you money on your household bills.
  • Another addition to consider to your siding project could be to use a moisture and wind barrier commonly known as house wrap.  House wrap helps in multiple ways, mostly helping to keep the wind and moisture out while still allowing your home to breathe.  This option also is known to help prevent drafts in your home.
  • A quality siding job adds incredible beauty, value, and protection to the exterior of your home.  Available in many colors and styles, we will come to you and show you your options until we find something that you love.  The upcoming springtime is always a great time to upgrade the exterior of your home, as your exterior is taking a beating this winter as we are hitting record low temperatures!


DMV Exteriors offers the latest in home siding options. We are always one step ahead of the technology curve and will get you the newest and best exterior options for you and your budget!




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