DMV Exteriors: How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

With all the recent storms in the DMV region, we believe that it is imperative that you know whether or not that your home has received damage from the recent hail in the area. Here we are going to show you some tell-tale signs to look for with hail damage to your home.

Homeowners: Inspecting a roof can be dangerous. It’s very important that you have all of the proper safety gear and knowledge. DMV exteriors offer a free roof inspection, so please don’t hesitate to request a free estimate online before jumping up on your own roof.

Although you cannot fully determine the amount of hail damage on a roof from the ground, there are some signs that a trained eye can point out and help determine if there may be more damage up top.

The presence of one or more of these may indicate a situation where the homeowner needs a full roof replacement instead of a simple roof repair. Here are a few things to look for.

  1. look for dented gutters, gutter screens, or downspouts
  • This is not always the case, but many times, if a roof has significant hail damage up top, the gutters will have some impact damage.
  1. look for damage to siding and windowsills/casings
  • Make sure to check the home’s siding and windowsills/casings for dents, dings or other signs of impact. These are places where, if there’s significant damage to the roof, there will most likely be damage to these things as well.
  1. look for damage to air conditioners or other outdoor items
  • In addition to offering a quick glance sign of further hail damage on the roof, a damaged air conditioner may qualify for insurance replacement. Make sure the check the exterior of the air conditioner. Inspect the ‘honeycomb’ parts are the outside of the air conditioner. If you notice dents or dings, this may be a result of hail damage.
  1. look for damage to decks or painted wood surfaces
  • Decks and other painted surfaces surrounding the home may have sustained hail damage. If you see chipped paint, it may be the result of hail impact.
  1. look for damage to your shingles on the roof
  • You may be surprised at the force it takes to knock the surface materials off of a shingle. When this is discovered, the integrity of the shingle has been compromised, and a water leak can develop over time. Even the smallest hail impact on a shingle can lead to a roof leak.

What Size Hail can cause Roof Damage?

  • Pea = 1/4-inch in diameter
  • Marble = 1/2-inch in diameter
  • Dime or penny = 3/4-inch in diameter (hail the size of a penny or larger is considered severe)
  • Nickel = 7/8-inch
  • Quarter = 1 inch
  • Golf Ball = 1½ inches
  • Tennis Ball = 2½ inches
  • Baseball = 2¾ inches
  • Tea cup = 3 inches
  • Softball = 4 inches

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